The PROJECT36 Program is a clearly structured golf development program based around getting young golfers on the course, having fun and learning the skills required to play golf. The core curriculum is split up based on the young athlete's progress through a variety of weekly skills tests and games, along with their ability to score on the golf course.
PROJECT36 Goal - Have junior players shooting par or better on the golf course.
PROJECT36 Coach - Jim Jones. Jim has passion for the game and likes nothing more than introducing juniors to the game of golf. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious and when coupled with his extensive playing knowledge the weekly classes are a lot of fun as well as a fantastic learning environment.
Training Classes
The training classes are weekly 1 hour sessions and are designed to introduce juniors to the skills required to play on the golf course. Each week will focus on a different skill area with awards for passing designated skill milestones.
Course Play
Playing on the golf course is an integral component of the PROJECT36 Program. Our goal is to have players shoot 36 or less from designated tees on the golf course. As skill levels of juniors will progress through a series of graduated length courses.
Price: $100.00 per month. Includes 4 x 1 hour weekly classes.
Optional Extra - Monthly on course play $30.00
Starting May 2017