Toptracer Range is Now at Lake of Isles!


What is Toptracer Range?

Toptracer is a cutting-edge technology that has taken the golf world by storm. It's an extension of the practice facility and optimizes practice sessions by transforming the range into a practice destination and social engagement spot. It uses advanced ball-tracking technology to provide instant shot replays and statistical feedback, making your practice sessions both informative and fun. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, Toptracer offers a unique and engaging way to improve your game.


How does it work?

Advanced camera sensors are mounted and track simultaneous golf shots across the entire practice facility. Guests locate their position on the range and unlock a new way to practice.


Why Try Toptracer?

  • Instant Feedback: Track every shot with precision and get real-time data on your performance.
  • Fun for All Levels: Whether you’re honing your skills or just looking for a fun golfing experience, Toptracer caters to all.
  • Engaging Games and Modes: Enjoy a variety of games and challenges that make practice sessions exciting.
  • Share Your Success: Easily share your shot data and highlights with friends and fellow golfers.


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