Planning Questions

What time may we have our Wedding reception?

Lake of Isles is dedicated to making your Wedding extraordinary. With this in mind, you may choose any 5-hour time frame for your reception. The only restriction is that service ends no later than midnight.

What time may we arrive at Lake of Isles for our Wedding?

You (and your Bridal Party) may arrive up to 1 ½ hours prior to the start of your Wedding to take pictures if you like. 

If we are having our Ceremony at Lake of Isles, can we do a rehearsal on site the day before the wedding?

Because of our ever-changing event schedule, we are not able to confirm a rehearsal on site until three months prior to the wedding. It may be that we are not able to do it, or, we may need to do it earlier in the afternoon the day prior to the wedding.  Sometimes, the time at which we are able to do a rehearsal is not convenient for the bridal party.  We always try to do a rehearsal on site, but in the event that we cannot, we have several planning forms to get everyone in place and make sure that you are comfortable with how the ceremony will go.

Is there a different price/meal for children?

Yes. Children up to the age of 12 normally enjoy Chicken Fingers with French Fries, at the price of $35++ per child.

Young adults (individuals who are under the drinking age of 21 years, but enjoying the adult menu), are at a reduced price as well. Please consult the catering director for the appropriate pricing for young adults in your contracted Wedding Package.

What do we serve to our vendors (photographer, musicians, etc.), and what is the cost for these meals?

Your hired professionals have the same choice of entrée that you give to your guests. These meals are at a reduced rate, usually at half of the contracted adult rate.

Can we bring in any food or liquor from outside sources?

All food & beverage is provided by Lake of Isles and is not permitted to be brought in from outside sources.

How many guests are seated at each table?

Traditional seating for each table is 10 guests.

What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated in the Pequot Village Ballroom?

We can seat up to 250 guests in the ballroom, when the Bride & Groom are seated at either a Sweetheart Table or a Round Head Table. If you prefer a traditional Long Head Table, maximum seating is 180 guests.

Are candles and sparklers permitted?

Candles with an enclosed flame, i.e., votive candle, hurricane, floating candle are permitted. Open tapers are not permitted.  Sparklers are not permitted.

What does Lake of Isles provide for the tables?

Lake of Isles provides floor-length ivory linens, ivory napkins, all silver, glassware and china. We also provide a framed table number so that guests will know the table at which they are seated.